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September Sunshine

Updated: May 18, 2020

A stunning September day with beautiful golden light. This was the last ever wedding to be held at Pinewood Studios - Heatherden Hall and we couldn't have wished for more to say goodbye to this amazing wedding venue... Maribel and Richard had such a perfect day!

We had the perfect golden light and such stunning surroundings, the famous bridge in this photo has been seen in lots of films. Maribel and Richard were so lovely to work with, we had a relaxed walk around the gardens and found so many places for fab photo opportunites.

Debbie had a great idea on the steps.. we call this the 'Harry and Meghan ' shot !

After the ceremony, the bride and groom went for a little drive - so we had an idea to arrange a little surprise for them! With the help of the toastmaster - Vince Hawkes, we organised everyone to group together ready to welcome them back .. This also ensured everyone was ready for the big group photo too!

It's such a shame that this stunning venue is no longer going to be used for weddings, we love it when there are so many spots for amazing photos.. such as this flower wall room.

Goodbye for now Heatherden Hall, we hope to visit again one day!


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