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Rain and Wind Didn't Stop us

Updated: May 18, 2020

29th February .. A Leap year wedding and we had rain, wind and hail but that didn't effect the photos - we achieved some fantastic shots and the sun came out for just the perfect amount of time! 

Cheryl & Gregs wedding was held at Froyle Park in Alton, a really gorgeous venue in the country side with beautiful surroundings. What we loved about Cheryl and Greg was there relaxed attitude throughout the day, it was like we were part of the family - everyone made us feel so welcome and we had so much fun with them.. which shows in the photos...

The sun came out just at the right moment and we were so pleased as it meant we could make the most of this lovely garden.

We always do have a back up plan though when the weather changes and luckily this room was stunning for indoor photos..

Thank you Cheryl and Greg - we loved your special day!


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